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Food-and-Drink I constantly receive networking tasting event announcements from my local chamber of .merce and quite recently, I decided to attend one at a local prime steakhouse restaurant. I wanted to meet some new people and to check out this restaurant that I kept hearing wonderful things about. The restaurant is located in one of the nicest areas of town so I had a feeling that the place was going to be top notch. The decor is modern, classy and beautiful without being pretentious. The designer of this place certainly didn’t want a classic or ‘old’ looking establishment and I really enjoyed what they did with it. As I walked into the party room, I was greeted by both a Chamber representative and the owner of the Prime Steakhouse. After some pleasantries, I grabbed myself a drink and starting networking with some folks. I was intrigued with the beginnings of the restaurant so I went back to the owner and started asking some questions. The restaurant is famous for serving Chicago Prime Beef, which I’m told by the owner that it is the top 2% of all Prime Beef sold in the United States. The owner also tells me that he’s been in the industry for over 30 years and is now running both of his restaurants with the help of his entire family. Right after the initial meet and greet, we were treated to some wonderful food and wine. Smaller versions of their appetizers started to make the rounds at the event. They served their famous Shrimp Myron, which was an enormous shrimp .pletely dunked in a ridiculously tasty cream sauce that really needed to be drunk from a glass it was so good. The other appetizer that was served was the wasabi seared tuna and it also was exquisite. During the next round we were treated to small versions of their ribeye steak. The steak was cooked to perfection, extremely juicy and very tasty. I realized after I ate mine that I had just eaten the best steak of my life. I now understood what the difference was between regular Prime and this 2% Prime Steak I had just devoured. As an ac.paniment to the steak we were presented with their version of macaroni and cheese. This dish was no ordinary Mac and Cheese, this was a family recipe that was infused with jalapenos! I’ll never look at Mac and Cheese the same because this jalapeno Mac and Cheese had just opened my eyes to a whole new world of tasty goodness! Dessert was next and we were given a choice between Uncle Charlie’s Gourmet Ice Cream and their famous bread pudding with Maker’s Mark Sauce. I chose the latter and as good as the ice cream looked, I definitely made the right choice. The pudding was amazing! The networking event turned out be quite an eye-opening, delicious and fun night out. If this is what I can expect from these type of things, then I’m certainly going to be.e a regular. One thing is for sure, I can’t wait to invite all of my friends and to go back to this prime steakhouse. It was truly memorable culinary experience! Supporting a local restaurant, especially one that has extensive .petition from national chains, is always a good thing. The fact that I vastly enjoyed the food better at this place than at those other famous prime steakhouses around the country certainly doesn’t hurt its chances to be tremendously successful. Copyright (c) 2013 Eli Gali About the Author: 相关的主题文章: