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Travel-and-Leisure Would you marry in The City of Dreams, WA?… Maybe receive your guests and celebrate your new life in the context of an American Castle called Manresa?…Maybe in the context of the true Victorian Bishop Hotel ready to host your party in the most unique ways?….Maybe you dream of a celebration that happens intimately, by the beach? In a true Victorian Mansion, perhaps?… Or rather a wedding in the middle of an amazing Victorian Garden -officially called "Chetzemoka Park"- by the very beautiful Puget Sound?… Could be that your heart longs for the sweet scent of the luscious Olympic Peninsula woods for your wedding?…All is possible here. In his fascinating book "The City of Dreams", author Peter Simpson explores the "dangers" of coming to a place where all your dreams may actually become true! And if the city of Port Townsend is already magical -surrounded by the waters of the Puget Sound on three sides, sporting legendary "Tall Ships" and real Indigenous Canoes in the Summertime. Treasuring a fountain with a handsome Galatea (that gets to wear a red "bra" -and a matching floating gauze around her- for Valentine, and come the summer, allows little children to step into its waters… just for kicks!). If the city is magical with all its Victorian constructions and carriages, and charming boutiques and treasure-finding antique stores; the Port Townsend people are just as magical! You’ll think nothing about going out for one of the most exquisite pizzas you will possibly ever taste outside of Italy -or superb dinners-, or/and maybe a fine local-or imported- wine, and music to the lovely UpStage Bistro Theater, just to find that the very traveled owner of your favorite wine store in town (the one from whom you bought that splendid local "red" this morning) is also a multitalented composer, musician and singer at the splendid Monday open mic!.. Neither will you lose your cool when you see arriving at the exceptional Food Coop, sparkling 10 year old Maddie, on her white (live!) pony…and "park" it there, amongst bicycles and cars while she does her shopping. She’ll be serene and cool. Everybody seems to know her, and you learn she is an accomplished acrobat and dancer, who sometimes sings like the birds at the Monday "Open-Mic" as well. Theater is excellent and gaining, National Recognition with the fantastic "Key City Public Theater." Long time dormant dreams might come to tell you you are actually a Playwright, or an Actress or an Actor… Your dreams could as well meet you at the "Lehani’s" cafe… In here, the Lehani’s Poetry Group, punctually gathers every Monday from 6pm through 7pm;00 pm, on Taylor Street – as an offering to your own literary vein: an open mic – 2 splendid publications spring from this group: "The Lehani’s Cafe Poetry" -with excellent local poetry- and the local and international "The Minotaur"? It could also be Down Town, at the "Victorian" cinema theaters: "The Rose" and the tiny "Rose Bud"…If you were to watch "Officer and Gentlemen" again, perhaps, it is our beautiful Port Townsend you will see as their location?) when, on Sunday, you choose to to enjoy there The Met Opera, live from N.Y….Or attend the live series of conferences on art, science and philosophy offered -in exclusive form- by local and world authorities, through the year; or simply fulfill that dream of seeing one of the latest -and quite often award-winning movies in a true Victorian Movie house; with candy and beverage bar lavishly carved in fine woods of times begone… The education level of the Port Townsend population is one of the highest in the country… so you’ll engage in fun, fascinating conversations most anywhere you go. This too is probably the reason for the very high quality standards in art, food, arts-and-crafts, cinema, literature, lodging… and the plain art of living! Port Townsend has a palate for the best… Could be good wines and good cheeses -That’s why the local wineries and Dairies offer such excellent choices to the town, and its 53 gourmet restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. Could be the splendid Centrum’s concerts and conferences – By the beach, and next to glorious woods, Fort Worden stands, beautiful and versatile… And for all your dreams of conscious movement, the excellence of the Madrona Mind Body Institute will always leave your dreams fulfilled. In this community, children are special, and respected. Neither would it be exceptional if some families of deer seem part of the city decor… You’ll see them in private yards and parks, finding the tender buds they (gourmet also?) enjoy. In Port Townsend, you’ll find that your farmer, holds a Masters in Literature, and finds her poetry in farming the earth… and you’ll find yourself sailing -or building a boat! You’ll follow your own feet taking you amongst the woods and by the Sound’s waters for hikes you’ve only dreamed about… Your gaze will fly away with the flight of exotic birds, cruising their yearly flight path. You’ll kayak perhaps, into the Puget Sound waters; you will bicycle the town -and its surroundings… or climb Mount Rainier? No limits for your dreams -I say. Whether Scientist or Artist, or Groom, or Bride, or Bird Watcher/Nature lover, or party goer, or treasure shopper, or Healer -or seeking the balance of health- your dreams feel welcome here. You can be and do. So please allow me to invite you to come and find out…Is Port Townsend the city of your dreams? Copyright (c) 2009 Leticia Huber About the Author: 相关的主题文章: