Xi’an lift the heavy pollution weather. Monday will cancel the emergency response level limit aptana studio

Xi’an lift the heavy pollution weather grade limit will cancel Monday western network emergency response (reporter Yan Shanyu) reporter 6, nine pm from the Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency command office learned, with the improvement in air quality, Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency department is scheduled for November 6th at 20:50, lift the heavy air pollution in Xi’an III the state of emergency response. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Xi’an air heavy pollution emergency response level after the lifting of the state, tomorrow’s Xi’an motor vehicle limit line will be canceled. Reporters visited the State Environmental Protection Department website found that today’s Guanzhong City for multiple periods of severe pollution. 10 in the morning and evening air quality index of 269, when the afternoon of 17, the air quality improved slightly, Xi’an air quality index of 223, belonging to heavy pollution, Weinan, belonging to heavy pollution, Xianyang, 236, are heavily polluted. 18 PM, the air quality continued to improve, for mild pollution, at night at 20, the air quality index was only about $112. According to the "Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft)", when the Xi’an air quality monitoring data or consultation results do not meet the response conditions, approved by the commander or deputy commander, timely lifting or lifting emergency response level. The environmental protection, the meteorological department in consultation, combined with the forecast results, comprehensive analysis, is expected to start from the night of November 6th, with the weather conditions change, Xi’an will gradually appear precipitation, cooling process, pollution index will be gradually reduced, the range of November 7th to 8 environmental pollution index will be in good to light pollution, achieve the "provisions of Xi’an Municipality heavy pollution weather emergency plan" in the early warning (response) termination conditions. According to the "Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency plan (Revised Draft)" provisions, Xi’an heavy pollution weather emergency command decided at 20:50 on November 6, 2016, the lifting of Xi’an heavy air pollution in the city of state of emergency response. After the lifting of emergency, the county, the development zone and relevant departments should continue to follow the Xi’an air pollution prevention and control work of city pollution reducing haze remediation activities arrangement, strict management, strict control, strengthen pollution prevention and management to dust, coal, motor vehicle exhaust is the key; implement the daily supervision of key pollution sources and pollutants to ensure stable discharge.相关的主题文章: