Xie Nan live at the box office but shaking magic billion is not a good cook (video) kairui

Xie Nan live at the box office but shaking magic billion "is not a good cook Tencent entertainment news the evening of September 6th, Xie Nan Ye Yiqian was invited by a friend to visit, live broadcast network. Xie Nan and Ye Yiqian are the famous "cook" goddess of the entertainment circle, when everyone thought they were going to compete for the "first cook", will be cooking a comparison, they are not higher than the level of cooking, is not less than the hosting ability than the professional, funny, so the night of the show is showing "professional cooking crab" funny, sideline atmosphere. Each one has his good points than cooking! Xie Nan’s cooking from her grandmother’s birthday before the completion of a feast, recipes filled with a piece of paper can be seen. When it comes to their own good food, Xie Nan started from spareribs with brown sauce, then braise in soy sauce series, modest Xie Nan said he had found the secret sauce. That night, Ye Yiqian in order to let everyone is good or bad, resorted to the superprime recipe: water Shingen cake, Xie Nan calm hold live, and that their taste is very extreme, can be very spicy, can also be home to eat Sichuan aunt. The guest host upstage, not more than! That night, presided over a large left and guest Xie Nan mutual black addiction, busy awfully debate. Xie Nan appeared on the show host of professional skill, help Ye Yiqian port broadcast sponsor: speed Ultrafast not lose less, a freely flowing style of writing after sowing, be like after all is the first chair left. In talking to the night to do water Shingen pie, Xie Nan chatterbox opened adopt it from the water, Shingen pie de origin to the art heritage, speak Xie Nan Ye Yiqian are closely reasoned and well argued, gas called: "this should not be me?" And said: "if this is not a live, I must put this paragraph in front of pinch." Xie Nan presided over the skill and careful attitude not only reflected in this adventure, links in the truth, Xie Nan pumping performance in tongue twisters, when Ye Yiqian and Xie Nan are still ignorant left force, is no more difficult to read, "hosted mainly by Yan" Ye Yiqian said surprised: "ah, this is done?" Truth is live action! Live program can often show star of true, Xie Nancai entered the studio, he asked an embarrassing topic: "you and Wu Jing had a quarrel?" After a show, Xie Nan and Wu Jing cook because trivial quarrel, many netizens are curious about the popular female anchor Xie Nan and kung fu movie as Wu Jing’s emotional life. Xie Nan does not evade, but admitted: "ah, ah, where there is no quarrel between husband and wife." Ye Yiqian also feel the same, and it seems that the star is the same as the ordinary life. Talking about the upcoming September 14th release of the "westward journey 3", Xie Nan said his guest Princess Iron Fan corner, and Han Gengyan and his wife, Wu Jing played a funny version beyond all expectations of Tang Seng. Ye Yiqian left and asked: "this is not your help in the role of Wu Jingtiao, so he did not cooperate with any women?" Xie Nan said he would not interfere with her husband acting, love too late. Originally, "the wolf is shooting 2" Wu Jing, in order to present Chinese men’s hormones, body weight to help the crew to eat the "poor", and also lead and play has become the most tired…… Xie Nan also said that Wu Jing in the drama of the emotional drama is their own efforts to add, "because I am a"相关的主题文章: