Xinjiang farmers and farm workers visited the farm households living scene brothers and sisters pro

Visit Xinjiang farmers and farm workers in the south of the farm households living scene: brothers and sisters pro – Yuan Suping (left) and partner Muhtar? Tusun mother library finished sweat? As Tzu cooking together. Li Tao photo of the library and Yuan Suping Khan? As in cooking, laughing and talking, the division of labor, in a moment, fragrant pilaf on the pan. Two people together while eating homely, enjoyable. Li Tao Muhtar? Tusun relatives son called Yuan Suping "big mama". Yang Dong photo Beijing Xinjiang alar on 23 October, (Li Tao) contestants in bend, hands fast action, dragging behind the bag more bulging…… Two hours later, the referee waved a small red flag shouting: "this is the end of the game!" The contestants to carry the bag weighing reluctant to part. Happy farm three branch of Yuan Suping and his partner Muhtar? Tusun total 63 kg – second, in the sound of gongs and drums in wearing large red, took the honor certificate and 400 yuan bonus…… This October 21st, the Federation of trade unions of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps first division Alar City Federation of trade unions and the city of Taizhou in Zhejiang province (Taizhou to aid in the first division alar), in the two group and ten group held a "China dream? — the national labor beauty flower picking up a Pro labor contest", the division of 15 farm 120 contestants. It is reported that in 2016, the first division alar sowing cotton more than 150 acres, mostly by cotton harvest, small part by 100 thousand artificial harvest. The city from Kashi, Hotan District farmers to help pick cotton. Migrant workers paid by the farm contractor labor costs – picking cotton 1.8 yuan per kilogram, the weather becomes cold, pick up fees will be raised accordingly. From September 10th to fully open, is expected to be completed around November 10th, each farmer can get about 20 thousand yuan of labor costs. Reporters learned that, 21, this day, each group sent a group of players to participate in each group, there is a minority farmers in 4. Yuan Suping and her husband from rural Sichuan Gulin county to happiness farm lease contract management of cotton for 13 years, to now have two left with nothing whatsoever, van, a cross-country car, bought a house in the home county; the annual cotton harvest, winter ended, returned home to visit relatives on vacation for a month and then returned to business field — "the migratory bird life in general, free and easy." Yuan Suping said. "Thanks to the sisters and brothers." According to reports, there are more than 40 from Kashi Hotan Uyghur farmers in Yuan Suping cotton workers. Among them, Muhtar? Tusun family there are more than and 20 people. Base end sweat? If Zi is Muhtar? Tusun mother called her sister Yuan Suping. Yuan Suping told reporters: "thanks to a sister’s help, otherwise, thanks to more last year." In mid May 2015, a pigeon egg size hail in the hit film and left branches. Yuan Suping sat on the ridge crying. Base end sweat? As Zi Yuan Suping will help encourage her, don’t be discouraged. On the second day, Yuan Suping shut himself up in the house and spoke to no one, and she could not accept the devastating disaster. Base end sweat? As Zi mobilization Tianbuliangjiu everyone to replant.相关的主题文章: