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YAHOO accused gross negligence resulting in 500 million account information by black Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, on Friday, a user sued the Internet giant YAHOO, claiming that the company due to gross negligence, causing it to at least 500 million accounts in 2014 information stolen by hackers. YAHOO has announced the unprecedented massive hacking attack, which it sees as a "state sponsored hacker"". The day after that, the users filed a lawsuit against the federal court in San Jose, California. This user is a resident of New York, named Ronald Schwartz (Ronald Schwartz), he is the representative of the United States all affected users of YAHOO sued YAHOO. The suit is ready to seek class action and is ready to claim damages to YAHOO. YAHOO spokesman said the company had not yet discussed the lawsuit that had yet to come. Two months ago, YAHOO CEO Marisa Meijer (Marissa Mayer) to YAHOO Internet business sale price of $4 billion 800 million for the wireless operator Verizon Communications. Since then, she has been struggling to maintain the site’s shrinking assets. The hackers may make her hard cast to waste. On Thursday, YAHOO said that the company had leaked user information at the end of 2014, including name, e-mail address, cell phone number, birthday and password. However, the indictment claims that such a massive hacking incident might have been avoided because YAHOO was previously hacked. If it takes seriously the privacy of the user and enhances its security measures, then similar events will not happen again. It also accused YAHOO spent twice as much time than other companies to announce the hacking incident. What YAHOO did showed it was "no concern for the security of the user’s personal information it promised to protect."". Schwartz represents two larger US class action Law Corporation Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd and Labaton Sucharow. On Friday, 8 million British users are urged to revise its Internet password, because the information commissioner has confirmed their accounts affected by the hacker attacks. The information commissioner said the leak of information "shocking", he warned companies they have the responsibility to prevent cyber criminals to steal the user information. The information commissioner has the right to impose a maximum fine of 500 thousand on the company that fails to protect the user’s information. In fact, there are more and more cases of hacker attacks on social networks, and YAHOO is only one of them. At the beginning of this year, Myspace found a public outcry about its 427 million users on the black market. In May, the accounts of 117 million users who were stolen by LinkedIn, a professional social networking site in 2011, were also openly sold on the internet. And the 65 million e-mail messages from Tumblr, the light micro-blog website, have suffered the same bad luck. (compiler Music Studies)

雅虎被告存在重大疏忽 导致5亿账户信息被黑腾讯科技讯 据外媒报道,周五,一名用户状告互联网巨头雅虎,声称由于该公司存在重大疏忽,导致它在2014年至少有5亿个账户的信息被黑客窃取。雅虎已宣布了这次史无前例的大规模黑客入侵事件,它认为这是“国家支持的黑客所为”。此后一天,上述用户就向加利福尼亚州圣何塞市的联邦法院提起了诉讼。这名用户是一位纽约居民,名叫罗纳德•施瓦兹(Ronald Schwartz),他是代表美国所有受到影响的雅虎用户起诉雅虎的。该诉讼案准备寻求集体诉讼,并准备向雅虎索赔。雅虎发言人称,该公司尚未讨论这起尚未到来的诉讼案。两个月前,雅虎CEO玛丽莎•梅耶尔(Marissa Mayer)同意将雅虎互联网业务作价48亿美元出售给无线运营商Verizon Communications。此后,她一直在苦苦维持该网站不断缩水的资产。此次黑客攻击可能会让她的努力付诸东流。在周四,雅虎声称,该公司在2014年末泄漏的用户信息包括姓名、电子邮箱地址、手机号码、生日和密码。但是,上述起诉书声称,这样的大规模黑客入侵事件本来是有可能被避免的,因为雅虎以前也遭到过黑客攻击。如果它认真对待用户的隐私,增强它的安全措施,那么类似的事件就不会重演。它还指责雅虎花费了比其他公司多两倍的时间才公布此次黑客入侵事件。雅虎的所作所为表明它“毫无在乎它承诺保护的用户个人信息的安全”。施瓦兹代表了两家较大的美国集体诉讼法律公司Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd和Labaton Sucharow。周五,有800万名英国用户被敦促赶紧修改其互联网密码,因为信息专员已证实他们的账户受到了此次黑客攻击事件的影响。这名信息专员称此次信息泄露事件“令人震惊”,他警告各家公司它们有责任防范网络犯罪分子窃取其用户的信息。信息专员有权对未能保护用户信息的公司处以最高50万英镑的罚款。事实上,社交网络遭到黑客攻击的案子现在越来越多,雅虎只是其中最新的一例。今年初,Myspace就发现有人在黑市上公开叫卖它的4.27亿个用户的信息。今年5月,职业社交网站LinkedIn在2011年被窃的1.17亿个用户的账户,也在网络上被公开叫卖。而轻微博网站Tumblr的6500万个电子邮件信息也遭遇了同样的厄运。(编译 乐学)相关的主题文章: