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Cooking-Tips If you have been ignoring the spit roaster on your barbecue, this is a good time to find out how convenient it is to cook that big prime rib roast in the freezer. When you have a large chunk of meat to cook, the rotisserie is often the best solution. As the rotisserie turns, the juice runs back towards the surface, retaining flavor and quality. The easy to cut tender slices of meat are very tasty. Before putting the meat on the spit roaster, add one of your favorite marinades to the meat. Some people consider it a tradition to let the meat marinate for a short while in the refrigerator before starting the cooking. If you want to add extra flavor without going through the bother of marinating, let the drip pan help provide it. Any liquid you put into the pan will steam into the meat, adding flavor and moisture. Add a blend of your favorite tropical juices or some hickory smoke mixed with water. Use your favorite dry seasonings to flavor the meat. Create a blend of onion salt, white pepper and garlic powder for guests to use for flavoring. In order to do its job, the drip pan must be larger than what you are cooking. A selection of disposable aluminum pans lets you choose one that fits. One feature of the drip pan is to protect the grill from becoming encrusted with drips that burn on the surface. In addition, the drips are good for au jus sauce or tasty gravy. Keep water in the pan to avoid drying out the drips and to steam the flavor back towards the meat. First take time to decide how best to match the spit and the slab of meat. Once you have located the lengthwise center of the meat it is possible to determine balancing problems that need addressed. Take a clean stainless steel skewer and push it lengthwise through the center of the meat. If the meat seems balanced after lifting and turning, move to the next step. Remove the skewer and use a filet knife to make a hole at the exit and entry points for the spit. It is important to center the meat on the rod, so slide the spit fork towards the handle and fasten it at the desired place. Use pliers to tighten the thumbscrews when you secure the forks. It is easy for the screws to come loose during cooking. Follow the path by inserting the rod through the entry and working it to the other side. Move the other fork up and in until it is secure. Tighten the thumbscrews on that side so the meat is held firmly in place. Balance is one of the most important parts of spit roasting because it allows the meat to turn properly without putting undue strain on the motor. Correct the position if there is a problem. Cook a delicious roast for family and friends rather than purchasing spit roast for sale at your local supermarket. Remove the cooking grills to avoid interference with cooking and move the lava rock aside for the drip pan to rest. Let the meat sear for fifteen minutes, if desired, before moving the banked coals away. Keep the grill cover shut tightly and the flame at a low level. Check for doneness with a meat thermometer to get the results you want. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: