Zhang Yishan, you have enough! Dongyu Zhou ridicule need to fill the body size… liuxiaobo

Zhang Yishan, you have enough! Dongyu Zhou ridicule need to fill the body size… The deer Tycoon (from WeChat public drama can say: junengshuo) recently, adapted from the novel Feng Tang "Beijing, Beijing" TV drama "ten spring", as you boot conference held ~ is the protagonist of Zhang Yishan and Dongyu Zhou [micro-blog] [micro-blog] in Beijing, two 90 ~ "spring breeze ten," as you speak a native of Beijing in autumn (Zhang Yishan) Chinese 8 years of college, with red lover (Dongyu Zhou) and a group of brothers, after graduation, experienced twists and turns, let them have the endless yearning and perception of the ignorance of youth. Video conference conference you have seen it? Zhang Yishan and Dongyu Zhou are both very funny! The first is Zhang Yishan Dongyu Zhou took up the host asked, Zhang Yishan replied: "I say your shoes so high with, you will not fall down, need I help you? She said no. As soon as she came in, she held me up." Zhang Yishan is the strength to betray his teammates! Dongyu Zhou also called "little Zhang Yishan, although Zhang Yishan is the original Shige" Dongyu Zhou in the north of Shige, but age is younger than Dongyu Zhou a few months – but as a flying self Boy, Zhang Yishan really is younger than Dongyu Zhou feeling from the face…… Is estimated to grow more anxious is very close to 23333 people in private! Looking at the smile, Dongyu Zhou also broke the news that she has seen more than "sins", and Zhang Yishan felt particularly flexible! When Dongyu Zhou praised Zhang Yishan toes particularly flexible, Zhang Yishan expression is such: first eyebrow laugh a little shy…… The reaction is also a little sprout! The original "Beijing, Beijing", Dongyu Zhou’s red is a very plump girl, the gap is still quite large with the image of Dongyu Zhou Da ~ Zhang Yishan scene joked the film side to spend more money to prepare silica gel for Dongyu Zhou…… Silica gel…… Silica gel…… Zhang Yishan, you have enough! So want to abandon the somebody else’s body??? Zhang Yishan is really "sharply" poke "weakness" Dongyu Zhou Tut tut…… However, the scale of the joke can be opened, it can be seen that the relationship between the two is really good! Two people also came to the scene of a spring breeze ten miles, as you sleep"…… This is a serious version of the case which is the first half of the second half of Pi Pi, charming "ten spring, as you sleep" ~ the conference site there are other interesting points. Now, I have given you a video ready ~ down the original stamp is most concerned about the Zhang Yishan Dongyu Zhou CP, after watching the video conference after this they think there is little inexplicable with what is going on??? "Spring breeze ten miles, not as good as you" on October 15th boot! There are plans to pursue this drama? Give a hand to hold a hand ~ statement: Sina exclusive articles, unauthorized reprint prohibited.相关的主题文章: