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Zhengzhou in the construction of intercity railway construction site collapse two workers were buried (Figure) – the new network for the search and rescue site. Zhengzhou fire new network for Zhengzhou in November 11, (Liu Peng) 11 reporter learned from the fire department in Zhengzhou, this morning, is the construction of the Zhengzhou Zheng open road intercity railway at the site of a sudden collapse of the accident, two workers were buried. According to Zhengzhou City Fire detachment bulletin, November 11, 2016 at 8:32 in the morning, the 119 brigade command center received the alarm call, Manzo near the highway intercity railway is under construction site collapse accident. After receiving the alarm, the Zhengzhou detachment quickly mobilized 10 fire engines, the officers and men, and the search and rescue dogs rushed to the scene of the 2, and inform the relevant departments of the 110, 120 and the municipal government emergency response office to help rescue. After 2 hours of intense rescue, rescued a total of 2 people were trapped. According to Zheng Dong District Fire Brigade responsible person, the plots are sand land, the soil is soft. It is understood that when construction workers digging in the outlet channel nearly 4 meters accident. Local media reported that two workers buried pressure after the search and rescue, after the first 120 emergency personnel to check that no signs of life. (end)相关的主题文章: